“[Mayor Kip Holden] is going into the four-man race with more than $400,000 in his war chest and near-record approval ratings of more than 80%...[and] the experienced campaign team of Marmillion/Gray advising him and producing his media.”

- Baton Rouge Business Report, 8/25/08

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Featured Case Study: America’s WETLAND
Case Study: Storm Warning IV
Social networks represent a relatively new communications vehicle that allows organizations to communicate effectively and directly with their target audiences. The networks also allow users to easily articulate and espouse their causes and opinions to their friend circle allowing traditional “word of mouth” to go viral.

Online media effectively archives all coverage, which anyone can access with a simple Google search allowing a positive story to reach millions of hits.

MCo has the knowledge and ability to implement any new brand or communications strategy in all electronic materials including a restructuring of an organization’s website and electronic resources to meet today’s new market opportunities. In addition, MCo can present strategies for social networking such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a variety of emerging viral marketing resources easily accessible by target audiences and the public.

The America's WETLAND Foundation's Facebook group, established and promoted by Mco, has grown to over three thousand members in slightly more than a year's time.