“[Mayor Kip Holden] is going into the four-man race with more than $400,000 in his war chest and near-record approval ratings of more than 80%...[and] the experienced campaign team of Marmillion/Gray advising him and producing his media.”

- Baton Rouge Business Report, 8/25/08

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Today, Americans have placed their concern for education as a number one priority on the national agenda. In the face of an increasingly competitive and scrutinized education system, we have realized the importance of strengthening and developing broad-based support for enhancing the quality of education within the U.S.

Marmillion + Company has been a leader in working with organizations to develop national programs designed to build upon and improve our nation's education system. Examples of such projects include the National Association of Elementary School Principals "Our children, Our Schools, Our Future," a multi-year campaign that focused on redefining the public's image of elementary and middle schools and the people who are responsible for leading them and The Los Angeles Times' "Reading By 9," which ensures children learn to read in English at grade level by the age of nine. With extensive experience in education, Marmillion + Company continues to place emphasis on the importance of improving our education system.