"They were good leaders and listeners, always taking into consideration what we wanted. They developed insightful questions to guide our planning, which turned out great."

- Gerri Combs, Executive Director, Southern Arts Federation

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Case Study: American Psychological Association
Case Study: Public Benefit Television
Creating greater public awareness and building a "brand identity" around advocacy initiatives involving challenging issues are central to Marmillion + Company's work. As Val likes to say - "this makes our jobs more difficult than positioning the latest brand of cat food, but it also brings greater rewards."

We bring traditional public relations and marketing practices together with unique creative strategies to effect change, whether it's reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues by helping the public understand it is OK to Talk to Someone Who Can Help or raising awareness of the national and world impact of the continuing loss of the wetlands in Louisiana, which the public is now embracing as "America's WETLAND."