“[Mayor Kip Holden] is going into the four-man race with more than $400,000 in his war chest and near-record approval ratings of more than 80%...[and] the experienced campaign team of Marmillion/Gray advising him and producing his media.”

- Baton Rouge Business Report, 8/25/08

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PR News - Non-Profit Awards (6)
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Honorable Mention (2012) - Community Relations, Blue Ribbon Resilient Communities for a Resilient Gulf Coast - Client: America's WETLAND Foundation

Best Public Service Campaign in 2006 - Client: America's WETLAND

Honorable Mention - PR Professional of the Year - Client: America's WETLAND

Honorable Mention - Website - Client: Women of the Storm

Honorable Mention - PR Event - Client: Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism - World Cultural Economic Forum