"Marmillion + Company has a long and effective track record working in arts education nationally, regionally, and locally. The company played a crucial role in the development and implementation of strategic and communications plans of the Arts Education Partnership for more than a decade."

- Dick Deasy, Former Director, Arts Education Partnership and Arts Education Consultant

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Featured Case Study: National Urban Alliance For Effective Education
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The Challenge:
The National Urban Alliance For Effective Education (NUA) has been working with struggling urban school districts across America to increase student learning for over 20 years. NUA’s mission is to substantiate in the public schools of urban America an irrefutable belief in the capacity of all children to reach the highest levels of learning and thinking demanded by out ever-changing global community.

The Alliance was known in some education circles and school districts, but desired greater exposure for both their work and their mission. As an organization that focused on teacher professional development and innovative teaching strategies, their work was largely behind the scenes, which presented an additional challenge.

The Solution:

MCo worked closely with NUA to identify their target audiences and focus their communication efforts. The general public was identified as the Alliance’s most important target audience since their buy-in towards school districts’ urban education strategies and partnerships with NUA were essential.

By developing professional relationships with education reporters at local news outlets, MCo was able to successfully communicate NUA’s progress resulting in positive earned media coverage. MCo encouraged the Alliance to develop reports evaluating their progress with hard statistics and then combined it with personal success stories to create compelling, media-ready stories.

MCo also tracked the education debate in news outlets across America and selected opportune moments for NUA to promote the organization as an advocate by developing thoughtful and timely editorial pieces. By assisting in the development, editing, and placement of the editorials, MCo ensured NUA’s ability to reach its desired exposure.

Finally, MCo supported NUA’s goal to have a larger web presence by seeking appropriate web media outlets to communicate the Alliance’s mission, as well as linking to their website which resulted in a higher Google ranking and increased traffic.

The Results:

Achieved greater exposure for NUA through positive:

Services Provided:

  • General counsel
  • Materials creation
  • Media Relations
  • Promotion and publicity
  • Special events
  • Writing