"Marmillion helped us develop strategies for leveraging our existing work and translating what we are about to broader consistencies. Marmillion was extremely professional and ethical and they always did more than we expected."

- Sidney Coffee, Senior Policy Advisor, America's WETLAND Foundation

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Featured Case Study: American Democracy Television
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The Challenge
Policy leaders, educators, and civic leaders have raised concerns that the lack of civic education about the democratic process leaves younger and older generations with few ways to participate meaningfully and to understand the democratic process.  MCo was tasked by the Alliance for Representative Democracy partnership, which combines the resources of The Trust for Representative Democracy, the Center for Civic Education, and the Center on Congress at Indiana University with the responsibility of reinvigorating civic attitudes about the critical relationship between representative government democracy and the people it serves.  

The Solution

To this end, MCo created American Democracy Television to provide high-quality, nonpartisan programming about representative democracy.  The programming engaged viewers to learn: how representative democracy works at the local, state, and national levels; that compromise and disagreement are important parts of the US system of democracy; how the publics' ideas and interests are represented; and ways to make individual voices heard. MCo maintains a database of hundreds of public access channels across the United States and attends annual conventions to maintain the visibility and relevancy of the ADTV brand.
The Results
In just one year, the nation's first broadcast network for civic education was viewed in 50 states and Washington, DC.  The programming currently reaches over 12 million households and continues to educate the public about representative democracy, thereby challenging cynicism and reinvigorating the public's perception of its government.

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