"They were good leaders and listeners, always taking into consideration what we wanted. They developed insightful questions to guide our planning, which turned out great."

- Gerri Combs, Executive Director, Southern Arts Federation

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Featured Case Study: America’s WETLAND
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The Challenge
The America’s WETLAND: Campaign to Save Coastal Louisiana provides a valuable example of MCo’s ability to provide clear messaging for a complex problem. MCo was hired to implement the strategies and tactics outlined in its strategic communications plan, which included the creation of media opportunities utilizing a variety of print and electronic media strategies to increase news coverage, educate the public and engender support to conserve and save the wetlands of coastal Louisiana. 

The Solution
Social networking and new media plays a key role in the campaign’s outreach. The America’s WETLAND Foundation utilizes and frequently updates its Facebook group, YouTube account, website, and electronic newsletter. Less effective new media strategies often isolate these tools from one another and form silos of different audiences, however Mco has linked and thoroughly incorporated them to create an America’s WETLAND online community.

The Result
The campaign’s popular website,, attracts more than 3 million visitors a year, while hundreds receive its monthly e-newsletter.
The campaign has also introduced a comprehensive and interactive Facebook page that has over a thousand members and growing daily. The page incorporates all of the features, which make Facebook one of the most popular websites on the Internet including videos, pictures, and articles.