“[Mayor Kip Holden] is going into the four-man race with more than $400,000 in his war chest and near-record approval ratings of more than 80%...[and] the experienced campaign team of Marmillion/Gray advising him and producing his media.”

- Baton Rouge Business Report, 8/25/08

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Case Study: Southern Arts Federation
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The Challenge:
The Southern Arts Federation (SAF), one of the nation’s six Regional Arts Organizations, works in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts to deliver art related programs and services to communities, arts organizations and artists throughout the region. SAF had undergone a significant staff reorganization and strengthening, and programmatic growth in the last three years, and needed to develop a new strategic plan within their financial means.

The Solution:
The Southern Arts Federation asked MCo to conduct interviews with a variety of stakeholders board members, “thought leaders,” leaders of policy and service organizations from across the South, and a focus group with key staff members.

The Results:

MCo provided SAF with a report of findings based on an environmental scan, interviews, and a focus group. Mco also made recommendations on how to position SAF as a leader in the region given its unequal advantage and authentic value. As a result of the analysis, SAF was able clarify its mission, and identify a specific set of objectives, strategies, and tactics in order to support a new mission.

 Services Provided:


Focus groups and surveys
Stakeholder interviews
Report of findings